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Ghế lưới văn phòng RB-cody03

GIÁ: 3.900.000 (Chưa bao gồm VAT)
Chất liệu: Vải lưới, chân xi mạ
Tình trạng: Liên hệ
Bảo hành: 2 năm
Tư vấn: 0948 888 523 - 0944 888 776 - 0944 888 798 - 0917 999 855


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Design principles :
According to ergonomic principles, based on the human body bump streamline design , elegant and dignified appearance, solid structure. Full environmental raw materials production. Handrails appearance, freedom streamlined silhouette effect , so the seat proactively with human spine curves combine to provide the perfect support for the body , amazing comfort.
Raw materials Description :
1 , Steel : φ16 * 2.0mm tube, high-quality A3 steel, surface plating , stylish , elegant, crisp and concise.
2 , man-made sheet : curved wooden plate with a thickness of 15mm, the plate can withstand 102KG impact test 2 times the destructive impact shock test 136KG 2 times , reaching U.S. BIFMA5.1 testing standards ; are in line with industry standards QB/T2280 by moisture, corrosion, pest control chemical treatment.
3 , Screw : After a cold and hard , computer paint handling . Lo teeth spray paint anti- retreat , long-term use will not loosen the screws back, does not beep .
4 , Chassis: can fit the general population , 30 million times the pressure back through the front and rear tilt test . Certification by the American BIFMA5.1.
5, the pressure lever : 360 degrees of rotation a test cycle , the test 120,000 times ; roundtrip lift 100,000 times ; through the U.S. BIFMA5.1 certification , SGS certification.
6 , Ipomoea feet : A3 steel , strong beautiful, beautiful lines, can withstand 1136KG stress tests of American BIFMA5.1 testing standards.
7, PU casters : After 10 million times rolling tests of American BIFMA5.1 testing standards.
8 , leather : seat with a thickness of 1.0mm and a half PU Sipi ; back with high elastic polyester mesh. By tension, elasticity , resistance to scratching , bleaching , abrasion tests.
9 , Foam : High density foam molding cotton ; has a breathable, good elasticity , easy to change , aging, according to a specially designed body posture .Ergonomic, odorless and harmless washable advantages .
11 Armrest: Nylon + PU after the front surface , moving up and down and handrails . Plastic material is nylon material, flexibility, the ability to receive high- impact strength . PU armrest surface for treatment ; simple and beautiful.

12 pockets : you can move up and down , for human spine .

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